City Fathers Conference 2015

By national community church (other events)

Tuesday, September 22 2015 9:30 AM 3:00 PM EDT

The vision for this one-day event is simple: sit at the feet of our city fathers and glean from their wisdom. It’s about honoring those who have gone before and empowering those who come after. It’s about coming together in unity and recognizing that there may be different names over our church doors, but there is one Lord, one faith, one church.

Pastors and leaders please come but don’t come by yourself. Bring your staff and colleagues. We believe there is a generational blessing that will be passed on. It’s high time that we give honor where honor is due. Most conferences are all about the latest and greatest. This is not that. This is about learning from those who have been faithful and fruitful for the long-haul. We honestly believe this is one of the most significant events we’ve hosted at National Community Church. It’s going to be a banner day for the church-at-large in Washington, DC.